Specialized Recycling Equipment & Solutions

Champions for GREEN is your personal sustainability team to help your club and event operate fully sustainably. We can help sustainability on the course, in event space, in the kitchen/restaurant, and more. Please see a list of equipment and supplies that we use to help you minimize your waste cost and ensure you are #AlwaysGoingFortheGREEN



Low Voltage Single Phase Baler: Plastic/aluminum bottles and cans are compacted into a 45lb+ bale that can be easily shipped to our mills. Through our Chain of Custody recycling we ensure that these bales do not find landfill and are properly recycled back into the circular economy. (For more baler options please contact us) 




Trash Compactor:

As part of our CFG waste minimization solutions, a low voltage easy to operate trash compactor unit will be placed at a designated maintenance area, used to compact (10 to 1 ratio) the remaining trash bags collected throughout the event through the weekend. This will help reduce trash disposal costs by up to 40-50%.





Mega Jaws Glass Breaker:  

A single phase glass breaker can crush up to 4,000 bottles per hour and outputs into a 32 gallon totter




Recycling Bins and Signage: CFG can provide an array of different recycling bin options and signage to be placed around your golf club or event. Custom signage is a great way to educate members, patrons, and guests about the journey of recyclables from this bin to apparel and products provided at your course or event. 


Golf Club and Event Supplies:

CFG can provide with several biodegradable/recyclable options that will enhance the sustainability of your club and or event.

Some of these options include:

  • Sustainable plastic straws
  • Sustainable plastic merchandise bags
  • Sustainable locker room plastic shoe bags
  • Sustainable plastic cutlery

Sustainable Volunteer Gear: CFG can supply volunteers and staff with eco customizable apparel to fit your needs of the event.

Eco Art Installations: Champions for GREEN can deliver customizable art installations for your event that is an interactive educational center piece that helps bring awareness to Sustainability.