Our Four Pillars of Sustainability

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At Geared for GREEN, we believe that sustainability and circular economies can be powerful tools for businesses and organizations to gain an advantage. We recognize that for your sustainability initiatives to be long term and successful, they must focus as much on economic value as environmental value. That’s why we created our Four Pillars of Sustainability, designed specifically to improve your organizations Economic, Environmental, and Social Brand value. To make the greatest impacts and provide you with the highest levels of value, Geared for GREEN sustainability initiatives are focused around Four Key Pillars of Sustainability: Recycling & Sustainability, Education & Engagement, Sustainable and Circular Economy Products & Packaging, and Giving Back.


Our Recycling and Sustainability initiatives focus on implementing and executing recycling and waste reduction strategies towards zero-waste goals, reduced landfill disposal costs, and rethinking waste and recyclables as future sustainable raw materials that can be reused back into the circular economy. Additionally, we focus on implementing sustainable practices throughout day-to-day operations, leveraging our GFG Sustainability Toolkit™ of more than 250+ sustainability solutions-services-products across (7) major operational categories, along with our collaborative transparent supply chain programs.


Our Sustainable Circular Economy Products & Packaging initiatives focus on preservation, reduction, and circularity, designing out manufacturing waste, sustainable sourcing including use of sustainable materials, minimizing carbon footprints, and rethinking product and packaging design for end-of-use. As part of our sustainable product and packaging pillar, Geared for GREEN proudly supplies an array of sustainable products and packaging including our Champions for GREEN™ branded sustainable corporate apparel, uniforms, and more than 200 separate sustainable corporate product options.


Our Educational & Engagement initiatives focus on raising awareness, inspiring stakeholders, and differentiating from competitors. Importantly, as part of our sustainable consumer engagement initiatives, we use state of the art data driven technologies to help our clients connect sustainability with “Learn to Earn”, “Engage to Earn” and “Instant Incentive” initiatives that facilitate educational campaigns while helping to increase recycling rates through incentive driven sustainability initiatives.
   Our focus is to engage with stakeholders including consumers, to help our clients build “strategically stronger” more valuable sustainable brands. As part of our sustainable educational pillar, Geared for GREEN connects our internal circular economy recycling & sustainability initiatives with external consumer facing educational initiatives that together creates powerful and inspiring sustainability messaging, including our “Journey of Your Recyclables” QR Code Customized Videos showcasing your recyclables converted into your products and packaging, eco art installations and pavilions, eco customization stations, sustainable merchandising displays, and more.


This pillar focuses on making a positive impact in the communities we serve by connecting sustainability with charitable partnerships that not only provide crucial resources to those in need, but also align our shared values and commitment to sustainability with those of our clients, to make a meaningful difference together. As part of our “giving Back” charitable initiatives, Geared for GREEN proudly collaborates with our clients to donate a % of our sustainable product sales and charitable sustainable sponsorship sales back to shared charitable organizations.