Campus and Community for GREEN brings 30+ years of recycling, sustainability, and circular economy expertise to your campus and community. Through our "Chain of Custody" recycling programs we help you pull recyclables out of the waste stream and convert them back into brand new sustainable apparel and products used in your everyday operations!

Our Mission

To teach students and communities the power of a circular economy


Our Geared for GREEN Sustainability Toolkit is a comprehensive resource available to all clients looking to initiate and fully implement a wide array of sustainable practices throughout day-to-day operations.


We recognize that for your sustainability initiatives to be long term and successful, they must focus as much on economic value as environmental and educational value.
 That’s why we created our Four Pillars of Sustainability, designed specifically to improve your organizations Economic, Environmental, and Social Brand value.

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Our Mission

Our program delivers economic, environmental, and social value by rethinking waste as a sustainable raw material, ready to be transformed into new products. By implementing our solutions, you serve as a model for how waste should be handled; avoiding landfill, saving money, and educating tomorrow's sustainable leaders.