Eco Education in the Classroom

Our Campus for GREEN program gives students a robust understanding of waste, recycling, sustainability, and circular economies. Courses are tailored to all age groups and class sizes, providing students the opportunity to learn the journey of their waste versus recyclables as they are turned into sustainable raw materials, then remanufactured into new sustainable products. 

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Eco Education in the Field

Students participate in virtual and live tours of landfills, Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), recycling centers, and remanufacturing facilities to see firsthand the journeys of waste versus recyclables along with each step through the circular economy. Virtual and live sessions with experts are included to answer questions that arise from students and faculty throughout the course.

Inspiring Your Campus Community

To help educate and inspire your campus community, we provide an array of eco educational initiatives geared to help you inspire your school community including: interactive Eco Art Installations, Eco Customization Stations, The Journey of Your Recycling Stations and QR Codes, School Eco Merchandising Displays, and more! CFG educational initiatives are designed for campus installations and school events to showcase your school's sustainability story and inspire your community around your commitment to sustainability, ensuring that "GREEN" goes far beyond your campus. 

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Campus for Green Interactive Eco Art Installations & Pavilions

Campus for GREEN interactive eco art installations provide a powerful sustainability showcase for you campus and school. Our eco educational displays enable students to see, touch and experience sustainability firsthand. Today, over 75% of all performance apparel is made using polyester, the same exact material used to make plastic bottles, so transitioning to sustainable circular economy school apparel is easier than ever! CFG eco art installations demonstrate how your school is recycling plastic waste and transforming it into new sustainable school apparel, uniforms, and products.

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See the Journet of your Recyclables

Scan our QR Code to see the journey of your recyclables from bottles collected & recycled from your campus and transformed into Campus for GREEN sustainable apparel & products

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"Build your Campus Circular Economy”

After gaining a conceptual understanding of the recycling and circular economy process, students get to put their knowledge in action! This begins with students and faculty completing a simple evaluation of the current state of sustainability efforts on campus to understand the economic, environmental, and social values. This process provides a base line from which students can make the "business case" for a sustainable circular economy on campus. Then students and faculty work together with our Campus for GREEN team in designing your own campus recycling circular economy. Students participate in deciding which products they’d like to make for their campus from their recycled plastic bottles, bags, wraps, aluminum cans and more.

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