Recycling & Sustainability

Recycling & Sustainability

At Campuses and Communities Nationwide




 Campus for GREEN provides easy and cost-effective turn-key solutions that help your campus and community to reduce waste disposal, minimize waste bills, and implement powerful sustainability solutions that lower your carbon footprint and inspire your community. Serving as your sustainability partner, we help you implement vetted and comprehensive sustainability solutions including best practice recycling, waste reduction, circular economy initiatives, and sustainable product usage helping you be as sustainable as you want to be! Best of all, Campus for GREEN solutions are focused on your economic sustainability as much as your environmental and social sustainability. We recycle everything from plastic bottles, aluminum cans, packaging waste, paper, foam, e-waste and more to help build your campus and community's sustainability story. Turn your recyclables back into new sustainable apparel, furnishings, campus products, and more! #AlwaysGoForTheGREEN

Chain Of Custody Recycling

Campus for GREEN “chain of custody” recycling helps you tell your recycling story implementing closed loop recycling that turns your old bottles into brand new Campus for GREEN sustainable apparel and products. Through our “chain of custody” recycling, we track your recyclables through the entire eco-supply chain. It starts with Campus for GREEN collecting and shipping your recyclables direct from your school to our recycling mills. At our mills we implement the recycling process, where bottles get chopped up, washed and turned into clean flakes, melted, then purified and extruded into sustainable raw material pellets. The pellets are spun into fiber that gets embedded with UPF sun protectant, antimicrobial, moisture wicking, and 4-way stretch technologies. The fiber is taken straight through the apparel re-manufacturing process and made into sustainable yarns and fabrics, then turned into Campus for GREEN sustainable apparel and campus products.

Our Process to Close the Loop

Specialized Recycling Equipment & Solutions

To help make recycling easy and effective, CFG low voltage single phase recycling equipment and technologies have been specially designed to fit the needs of school campuses and communities everywhere. Our low voltage mini balers compact and package your recyclables for easy handling and shipment from your location direct to our recycling mills. Our low voltage trash compactors help compact your remaining trash by a 10/1 ratio, reducing your disposal cost by as much as 50%. We deliver and set up all equipment right at your location, making it easier than ever to recycle effectively.

Foam Recycling

CFG foam recycling solutions help your campus and community eliminate plastic foam packaging waste from the landfill! We provide a turnkey solution making it easier than ever to get to zero waste. Our systems include densification equipment specially designed for campuses and communities, and a complete logistics solution to send your densified foam materials direct to our recycling facilities to be converted into sustainable raw materials and back into new products, including home insulation, picture frames, molding, and more.

Paper Recycling

CFG helps campuses and communities to close the loop on paper recycling! CFG campus and community paper circular economy solutions enable schools and communities to eliminate paper waste, including books, office paper, and more at no cost. Paper waste is baled and collected on-site, then shredded, and re-manufactured into high quality office paper, products, and furniture available for closed loop repurchasing by your school and community.

Recycling Bin Options

To help campuses and communities to implement successful recycling initiatives, CFG provides an array of  Recycling Bin options to fit your campus and community's style and budgetary needs. In addition, we provide custom curated eco educational and instructional signage for your bins including the “journey of your recyclables” QR code showing the process of converting your recyclables into new sustainable CFG apparel and products.