Community for GREEN

Inspiring your community's next generation of sustainability leaders

We provide educational initiatives that raise awareness and inspire your community around your commitment to sustainability.

To help educate and inspire your community around its commitment to sustainability and increase your collection and recycling rates, CFG provides an array of eco educational initiatives including: Interactive Eco Art Installations, Eco Customization Stations, The Journey of Your Recycling Stations, QR Codes, and more. CFG educational initiatives are designed for both community events and permanent installations at parks, recreational areas, government buildings, and more, to showcase your sustainability story ensuring that “GREEN” goes far beyond your community.

Community for GREEN Interactive Eco Art Installations & Pavilions

Community for GREEN interactive eco art installations provide a powerful sustainability showcase for your community. Our eco educational displays enable residents and visitors to see, touch, and experience sustainability firsthand. Today, over 75% of all performance apparel is made using polyester, the same exact material used to make plastic bottles, so transitioning to sustainable circular economy community apparel and uniforms is easier than ever! CFG Eco art installations demonstrate how your community is recycling plastic waste and transforming it into brand new sustainable apparel, uniforms, and products used by your community. 

Community for GREEN Eco Customization Stations

Community for GREEN eco customization stations showcase the “Journey of your Recyclables” from bottles collected throughout your community, turned into new CFG sustainably made apparel, uniforms, and products. Residents and visitors get to customize and personalize their own eco shirts, bags, hats, and more, with curated eco art and local community inspired designs we create for you. We bring the heat presses, patches, embroidery, and the staff to create an interactive, custom eco experience, helping to ensure that “GREEN” goes far beyond your community.

See The Journey of Your Recyclables

Scan our QR Code to see the journey of your recyclables from bottles collected & recycled from your campus and transformed into Campus for GREEN sustainable apparel & products.