About Us

Campus and Community for GREEN was created to help make a positive impact at school systems and local communities across the USA. We noticed campuses and communities were lacking sustainable circular economy solutions, and wanted to use our 30+ Years of Sustainability, Recycling, and Circular Economy Expertise to implement solutions that improved economic, environmental, and social value.  

Our companies have over 30 years of hands-on expertise implementing sustainability, recycling, and eco supply chain circular economies to help leading brands, retailers, municipalities, manufacturers, and events nationwide to succeed greener. We’ve recycled over 900 million pounds of plastic waste, developed recycling technologies, designed, built, and operated recycling facilities for ourselves and for our clients, measured carbon footprints, innovated EiQ™ intelligent sustainable raw materials, and closed the loop turning waste into recyclables and back into brand new sustainable products.

Inspired by our Champions for GREEN Sustainable Golf Leadership initiatives with the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation, we listened and collaborated with stakeholders throughout the golf world, developing the best ways to help reduce cost and waste and inspire our youth within the golf community. Through countless conversations – and two years of comprehensive learning at golf clubs and events to understand the sustainability and waste issues – we shaped Champions for GREEN’s four (4) pillars of Sustainable Golf Leadership: Now we’ve taken these lessons learned into school systems and local communities across the USA to advance recycling, sustainability, and circular economy implementation, preserving our environment and inspiring our next generation. Like everything we do, our pledge is to bring passion, commitment, and expertise to your campus and community, so together we can #alwaysgoforthegreen.